Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Manchester, United Kingdom 04'13'2014

This was the kind of trip that I really didn't have a plan for. Given that I had been in Manchester before, I was satisfied to just go to the city and eat the traditional full English Breakfast for lunch as it is the only thing I crave for whenever I am in the UK.

But as things often happen unplanned. I took a trip to some places I had already been to and some places new.


Late in the morning at brunch, almost lunch, we made our way to the city to eat.

Miss Cheese
In the train cabin.
Let me take a selfie.
Arriving in Piccadilly Station there was only one thing in my mind: the full English Breakfast. Unfortunately most restaurants stop serving it after noon, and we arrived past twelve, just in time for lunch. We walked and walked along Piccadilly until we finally settled in a restaurant, disappointed that I wouldn't be able to eat the full English Breakfast, I was surprised to see in the menu that they served "All-Day-Breakfast"

The restaurant: Wetherspoons Piccadilly
Menu on the table side.
My craving, the full English Breakfast. Well, not so full. :/
I was a bit disappointed when my "full" English Breakfast didn't turn out to be so full. It didn't have black sausages or bacon but nonetheless I enjoyed what I ate and moved on. Next time I will go to the city early to catch the true full English Breakfast.

After lunch we didn't know what to do anymore, but since Piccadilly street lead to Arndale Market, We decided to head there to do whatever, maybe shop a bit.

Arndale Market
Inside Arndale Market
Pound World. Everything for One Great Britain Pound.
The Pound World was amazing. There were so many quality looking stuff there to buy, and if you convert it to various other currencies, it is actually much cheaper than other stores in other countries of the same type.

After Arndale Market, which is actually a mall, we headed to a place that I wasn't able to go in before because it was undergoing renovations, it is still undergoing renovations now but at least it is open to the public again. Manchester Cathedral.

Manchester Cathedral Surrounded by Cherry Blossoms. 
Manchester Cathedral.
Going up to the Cathedral.
Pathway going inside the Cathedral.
I was surprised to see Cherry Blossoms surrounding the cathedral because I wasn't expecting it. It was a great sight, too bad it I rushed inside the Cathedral because it was too cold outside brrr.

Upon entering, view on the right.
Upon entering, view on the left.
Main hall of the Cathedral.
Upon entering, I remember that this isn't a Catholic Church, It is the Church of England, the UK defected from the Catholic Church many years ago because of a disagreement between the King and the Pope back then. Please watch HBO's The Tudors for more info or, just read some book about it, or just google hahaha.

Walking further around the church, I realize that it practically doesn't have much difference from a regular Catholic Church, it looks the same. Both religions are the same, with maybe a few key differences. Watch Tudors haha. History is fascinating.

I do not know what flags are these.
Humphrey Chetham
Painting of Jesus in the Cross.
Elizabeth Trafford
The inside was really beautiful, add to that the fact that the choir was practicing for a mass while we were taking pictures and I really got a feel for the place. I didn't take a picture of the choir though because I felt like it would be too much for them and I felt shy too. haha

After the cathedral we really didn't know where else to go so we just passed by the Manchester Town Hall to sit down and rest a bit.

Cherry Blossoms again when we got out of the cathedral.
Manchester Town Hall.
Albert Memorial featuring Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, and Gotha.
After Albert Square we decided that instead of backtracking to Piccadilly Station, we would take another way hoping to find some cool buildings and stuff, it is a tad longer but not many foreigners go through that path so it's a nice place to go through.

Midland Hotel, Manchester.
Palace Hotel, Manchester.
India House, Manchester.
We passed through some Grade II listed buildings on our way to Piccadilly Station. These Buildings have historical significance and can not be demolished. In comparison, the Manchester Cathedral and Manchester Town Hall are Grade I listed buildings.

First we passed through the Midland Hotel, then the Palace Hotel otherwise known as the Refuge Assurance Building, then lastly, the India House which I think was the most beautiful and striking of all, I mean I really didn't know what it was but I found it really nice so I took a picture.

Sackville Park.
Near the Station I saw Sackville Park. The whole day was quite gloomy and seeing the garden with its patches of light and beautiful greens and pink, plus the contrasting orange of the buildings and the sky turning blue. It was the perfect place and the perfect moment, I had to take a picture although I must say I don't think I did the place justice :/

My whole trip was quite short but it was one of the most I have ever walked in any city considering that is was literally still freezing cold, for me at least.

Still didn't go to Trafford Stadium or Etihad Stadium for football/soccer fans out there. Maybe in summer :P

Until my next trip, Goodbye!