Thursday, January 23, 2014


Dealing with people is probably the hardest thing we do in our daily lives. Whether it is a job interview or saying sorry to someone you hurt, it's just really difficult to take the first step and say the first word.

Emotions are what makes our lives complicated. They make us hesitate in doing the simplest of things even when we know those things are the most logical and the right thing to do.

Think about it. When you're in a job interview, you sweat, you tense up, you think of all things a paranoid would in a mental asylum. Your thoughts run questions a million times over in a minute with no answers: "Will I get accepted, what happens if I do, what happens if I don't" "Is the interviewer a b****?" "Do I look good?" "Will I stutter?"

Why does one have to be nervous in a job interview when the interviewer will just ask the interviewee questions and all the interviewee has to do is answer them?

In a situation where there is no emotions involved, the interviewer will just look at the interviewee's resumé and ask the interviewee questions and base his judgement upon those two things alone. There will be no such thing as looking to see if the interviewee looks nice or if he/she is nervous because there are no emotions involved. Heck, the interviewee shouldn't even have to lie anymore because lies only come from our emotions. Hence the most logical judgement about the employment is made.

Another example is when you hurt someone. You have that itching guilt that will never go away. You just want to make what you said or did disappear from time. But you can't. What you end up doing is worrying and worrying taking all the time in the world to say that one simple word that will MAYBE make it all OK: "sorry".

In a world where there are no emotions involved. You won't even have to worry if you said/did something hurtful because there is no emotion, no hurt. Whatever wrong you say or do will just be left as an error, a mistake in your part, no apology because why do you need to?

But really, why do we have emotions? Why do we worry? Get hurt? Laugh? Or feel happiness?

If all of humanity had no emotions, many things in this world would not exist. The greatest of which is our concept of Beauty. Beauty has sprung passion within our hearts since the dawn of man. Without our concept of beauty, the arts, which encompasses, music, paintings, photos, movies, essays, poems, design, fashion, and many more will not exist. Because all of these require Beauty and the passion that springs from it to be created.

Even our reproduction will gravely be affected without emotions. It is widely known that in the Animal Kingdom, females choose the best (looking) male to mate with because good looks in the Animal Kingdom is synonymous with good genes. Good genes = better offspring and a better future generation.

If humans had no emotions our reproduction will be ruled by logic, where as our very being, our physical and mental prowess would be assessed if we have the right to create an offspring or not. To create a better, more perfect, next generation of humanity.

There would be no need to procreate, a kiss and a hug and XOXO would not exist because these were derived only from our emotions and there is no logic in doing these things.

Without emotions, we will not have concept of family, friendship, or love, and I think we would also not have meaning to exist. Without emotions why would we want to study? Why would we want to earn money? Why would we want to explore the world and understand our lives and the universe? Why? Without emotions these pursuits will also not exist.

We would have no reason to be, but to perhaps just create an offspring for the expansion of our species, just like animals, but that in itself, the expansion of our species, will not have meaning without emotions.

Emotions... are the hardest thing to deal with, not humans, if we control our emotions, especially the passions that spring from it, we die a little more inside as people. Emotions are what makes us human.

Expressing our emotions without fear of getting hurt or embarrassment is the ultimate and greatest sense of freedom we can ever feel in our lives and the opportunity to do so comes by so rarely, even never for some people.

Our humanity's intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom, has always been dictated and expanded by the passions from our emotions. Our world have always been shaped by it. What are we without it? And... What are you if you kill your emotions?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Colombo, Sri Lanka 01'03'2013

I think this is the first blog post where me and my friends are actually in the photos. But this trip can not be posted without us in the pictures haha. It was a great adventure. Enjoy!


I had originally planned on just staying inside the hotel. This plan was even more rectified when I saw that our hotel in Colombo is brand new and oh so nice looking. Plus I was tired and really wanted to rest. But the pull of a friend's invite is a powerful one and I was dragged on to a trip that would be as memorable as it was painful.

Getting inside my room, I was ecstatic! everything was brand new it's like I had my own new room!

After containing my excitement I just hurried and changed clothes to go out. Being as I really wasn't planning to go out, I didn't bring any "going-out" or "adventure" clothes. So I wore what I had and said whatever.

Angel and Angel. Yup!
Toyota Prius. The hotel limousine we rented.
We rented the hotel limousine (a very nice and economical Toyota Prius) for the day because the place we were going to was two hours away without traffic.

It was a very long road trip but we got to sleep very well along the way and the car was very nice so once again I enjoyed every moment of it.

Elephant poop! Haha
Our elephant whose name I completely forgot. Sorry!
We went to an elephant orphanage to ride elephants.

I must admit that I am a bit of an animal lover and I felt a little bit of pain in my heart to see that the elephants were in chains. Well I guess anyone and anything that is bound in chains would look pitiful but still.

Our Mahout holding our elephant in chains.
The Sri Lankan Asian Elephant.
We rode the elephant which was being guided by its personal Mahout and it was painful to say the least. Painful because even with the foam on it's back the elephant's vertebra was still digging and punching into our butts, especially while it was walking and the road was not smooth at all, no.

But being the adventurous debonaires that we were. we just enjoyed our ride and smiled for the camera (while screaming in pain inside haha)

Angel in the Front, Angel in the Middle, and me, the thin Asian guy on the back.
Smile for the Camera!
The Mahout is dragging us along.
Looking down at something.
When the short trip was over we got the opportunity to take pictures with the elephant alone. These were mine.

Emulating the Japanese from my recent trip to Tokyo, I smile for the camera with the peace sign.
The thin Asian guy.
After the ride with the elephant, We were then told to bathe that same elephant by the river.

Angel bathing the elephant with the Mahout helping. 
Angel bathing the elephant alone.
This is me, NOT bathing the elephant because I was wearing shoes at the time! haha!
I didn't bathe the elephants because I had shoes on, not flip flops. I don't regret my decision.

After the brief bathing of the elephant. Our butts were still painful from the ride and we were feeling more tired now from the flight to colombo and the trip to the elephant orphanage. So we went to the last place in the orphanage, the uber small museum.

Whole elephant skeleton. I wish it was a dinosaur!
Elephant vertebral skeleton. The one that pains your butt when you ride an elephant.
Elephant skull.
The museum was just a small exhibition of elephant skeletons and some information.

After the elephant place we were taken to this herbal garden where we were lectured (sales talked! haha) about the different health benefits of different herbs.

Introducing the inedible Red Wild Pineapple.
A cacao pod from a cacao plant with cacao buds on top. This is where you get Chocolat.
"My master is sales talking some foreigners again" says the dog while wagging his tail. Haha!
After the tour of the place we were treated to a "free" massage using the oils and creams that they sell in the place. It was an OK massage for me because I felt like the pressure from the massage was too soft, I like it hard, but it was still good.

I can not post the pictures of the massage because my blog is supposed to be rated: GP - General Patronage rated for all audiences hahaha.

After the massage we were unsurprisingly directed to the souvenir shop where they sell various oils and soaps. Naturally, I didn't buy anything.

After the shop we took the two hour long no-traffic ride back to the hotel, sleeping along the way.

The trip was short, but nice, It was a great experience, one which I would not soon repeat unless the elephant we will ride has significantly more padding or maybe a full on harness or chair or both on it's back! Haha

Until my next trip, Gihin Ennan!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tokyo, Japan 12'23'2013

Busy Busy Bee. Christmas and New Year came and photos piled up  unedited. This is a late post due to the Holidays. I will rush on more photos. Enjoy!


Our hotel was located in Narita. It was really far from Tokyo but my wanderlust was telling me to go go go!

I was more nervous in commuting into Tokyo than any other city in the world. Aside from the fact that I knew I would be alone in going to Tokyo, It's also because the city has the most complicated railway network of any city. Even more complicated than the one in Seoul. And commuting from Narita to Tokyo, alone, for the first time, was a very frightening thing. Getting lost was not an option because taxis are very expensive (think hundreds of US Dollars) and the language barrier.

Regardless of all my fears, I pushed through. When morning came, I first took an airport shuttle from our hotel to the airport and from the airport I waited for another bus going to Tokyo Station.

Bus stop number 19 to Tokyo and Ginza Station. 
Inside the bus.
The trip from Narita to Tokyo station was long. Good thing I love taking long bus rides so I enjoyed every single moment of the ride. I had my headphones on, enjoying my music, sitting by the window, enjoying the views, what more could I want from the perfect moment? Oh I know! * **** ** ****!! Hahaha

Nearing Tokyo city, The bus slowed down to a snail's pace, traffic became heavy. I guess in my head I really didn't think Tokyo had traffic because they are technologically advanced and stuff but I guess that's a stupid thought. How can a major city not have traffic?

Heavy traffic in Tokyo. This was my view.
When I reached Tokyo Station. I panicked! I already knew where I wanted to go but I didn't know how to get there. I explored the underground mall underneath Tokyo station until I found this.

I was going to Shinjuku. Like a good and faithful guy. I followed the signs! haha I followed the english signage leading to the train station. Although I had to stop by the tourist information desk to find the actual train. Tourist information desk? Very helpful.

Waiting for the train to Shinjuku.
Inside the train. So many ads!
When I got inside the train, I noticed one thing: Some people actually preferred to stand rather than sit down. Usually, in other countries, especially in mine, people are running and squeezing by the train door just to get to the nearest seat in the train but not in Japan! It was the same as my trip to Osaka last year. Even when the train was not that filled many people preferred to stand. I like it!

I went out at Shinjuku-gyoenmae station because I really wanted to go to Shinjukugyoen. It was the setting for Makoto Shinkai's anime movie The Garden of Words. Being the anime fan that I am, I wanted to take a picture of the place and get a feel for the anime and Tokyo leisurely life. Shinjukugyoen by the way is, I think, the only "public" park in the world that requires an entrance fee: 200 JPY.


It was closed. I was mortified, I woke up early in the morning to catch the first bus to the city and took a two hour bus ride from Narita to Tokyo, got lost for a bit, and then then from Tokyo station I rode the subway to Shinjuku-gyoenmae which was like eight stations away and now the place I was so excited to see and go to is closed. Wow. Then it dawned on me. It was December 24, it was Christmas eve, why would it not be closed?

I didn't know what else to do. I walked back past Shinjuku-gyoenmae station into Shinjuku station. But then I remembered what I wanted to buy in Japan. There is one thing I have always wanted to try in Japan that I have always seen in anime but never got the opportunity to try: The Bento Box.

And so I began to search for a Bento Box right around Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku station straight ahead. 
Yoshinoya is fastfood.
A shopping street right by Shinjuku Station.
I got lost in some alleyway searching for the Bento Box.
So I got lost again. GPS navigation was useless in a place with so many alleyways and underground and overground streets. Tokyo IS concrete jungle.

I found a lot of Ramen and Sushi place but no Bento. I was getting very hungry because I didn't have breakfast that morning so I thought I would go inside Shinjuku station because in animes they usually get bento boxes in train stations right?

Inside Shinjuku station. It's Christmas eve and the people are still very busy!
Subway line heading back to Tokyo station.
There was no bento box in Shinjuku station. I searched high and low but no. So I decided to head on back to Tokyo Station instead and maybe find a good restaurant around there to eat.

When I got to Tokyo station I opened my GPS and I realized I was very near the Tokyo Imperial Palace complex. So I decided to postpone looking for a restaurant and head to the Imperial Palace.

Crossing the street I took photos of random people.
A couple. Kawaii!
Tokyo Station.
Took a photo quickly while crossing the street.
When I reached the palace complex. I was greeted by a beautiful plaza.

Entrance to the Palace complex from Tokyo Station.
Fountain graced with a rainbow right by the plaza in the palace complex.
Beautiful fountain in the imperial palace complex.
Walking a bit more. I realized I was still outside the main palace. When I finally found the entrance I was very happy to be told that the entrance was free! haha

Entrance of the Tokyo Imperial Palace
Pathway to Tokyo Imperial Palace.
Ote Gate.
When I got inside I looked at the map and I realized I was only entering a very small fraction of the palace complex. I was unknowingly entering the East Gardens of the Imperial Residence.

Well seeing as Shinjukugyoen was closed this was probably the next best thing. I was very happy it was open on Christmas eve.

A tree right by the entrance.
An old house for the palace guards.
Beautifully made lamp post.
A path leading up the hill further into the east gardens.
By this time I hadn't eaten for quite some time plus I was very cold and my nose was turning red probably from the furious sunlight. But I still went on to explore!

Entering the East Gardens there were a bunch of guard houses from the olden days. I walked and walked until I reached a path leading upwards towards a huge hill.

Site of Tenshukaku Donjon. The burned down used-to-be tallest tower in Edo Castle.
View of the city from the top of the Donjon
View of the East Gardens from the donjon.
Middle of the East Gardens.
When I went up the hill I realized all over again where I was (clearly I did not do my reasearch on this place). I was In Edo Castle. This was the place where Shoguns used to be. And when In the animes they say that Edo Castle burned down, they were really talking about what used to be the tallest tower in the palace complex which burned down a few hundred years ago: Tenshukaku Donjon. Everything made sense to me in that moment.

Pathways leading out of the East Gardens.
A miracle photo. I thought the leaves would be dark from the light of the sky but no! My favorite photo in this trip.
Another Guard house along the path leading down the East Gardens.
The exit to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace.
When I realized what I realized, I've had enough. I haven't eaten for a long time and I just wanted to find a good place to eat. So after the Tenshukaku Donjon I tried to find the nearest way back to the entrance/exit.

From the east gardens I went back to Tokyo station where I got lost again! hahaha but getting lost had a good side. I finally found the place where they sell Bento Boxes!

A Pokemon Store near the place where they sell Bento!
Bento Boxes. So expensive but delicious!
More Bento!
A Lady looking straight into my camera while I was taking Photos of the place.
Look at the size of that sushi roll! It's bigger than the guy's arm!
I was very very very happy to find the mother load of all bento boxes. There were so many I was like a kid in a toy store. Although I really didn't know where exactly it was because I found the place only while I was getting myself lost. I hope to find it again in the future.

I bought one bento box to eat in the bus back to Narita and one more bento box to eat as dinner before my flight back.

Overall, This short trip to Tokyo deepened my love for the Japanese culture and besides, whenever I see cute Japanese folk I could only think: "Kawaii, you look like the anime I watch" haha. The people were always very nice and sincere, and you could always see how dedicated they were to each of their respective work and the things and food you buy there where always 101% quality guaranteed, never devious.

I loved the trip overall and I would definitely love to go there again to explore more and get a better feel of the place especially when it's not a holiday.

Until my next trip, Sayonara!