Thursday, January 23, 2014


Dealing with people is probably the hardest thing we do in our daily lives. Whether it is a job interview or saying sorry to someone you hurt, it's just really difficult to take the first step and say the first word.

Emotions are what makes our lives complicated. They make us hesitate in doing the simplest of things even when we know those things are the most logical and the right thing to do.

Think about it. When you're in a job interview, you sweat, you tense up, you think of all things a paranoid would in a mental asylum. Your thoughts run questions a million times over in a minute with no answers: "Will I get accepted, what happens if I do, what happens if I don't" "Is the interviewer a b****?" "Do I look good?" "Will I stutter?"

Why does one have to be nervous in a job interview when the interviewer will just ask the interviewee questions and all the interviewee has to do is answer them?

In a situation where there is no emotions involved, the interviewer will just look at the interviewee's resumé and ask the interviewee questions and base his judgement upon those two things alone. There will be no such thing as looking to see if the interviewee looks nice or if he/she is nervous because there are no emotions involved. Heck, the interviewee shouldn't even have to lie anymore because lies only come from our emotions. Hence the most logical judgement about the employment is made.

Another example is when you hurt someone. You have that itching guilt that will never go away. You just want to make what you said or did disappear from time. But you can't. What you end up doing is worrying and worrying taking all the time in the world to say that one simple word that will MAYBE make it all OK: "sorry".

In a world where there are no emotions involved. You won't even have to worry if you said/did something hurtful because there is no emotion, no hurt. Whatever wrong you say or do will just be left as an error, a mistake in your part, no apology because why do you need to?

But really, why do we have emotions? Why do we worry? Get hurt? Laugh? Or feel happiness?

If all of humanity had no emotions, many things in this world would not exist. The greatest of which is our concept of Beauty. Beauty has sprung passion within our hearts since the dawn of man. Without our concept of beauty, the arts, which encompasses, music, paintings, photos, movies, essays, poems, design, fashion, and many more will not exist. Because all of these require Beauty and the passion that springs from it to be created.

Even our reproduction will gravely be affected without emotions. It is widely known that in the Animal Kingdom, females choose the best (looking) male to mate with because good looks in the Animal Kingdom is synonymous with good genes. Good genes = better offspring and a better future generation.

If humans had no emotions our reproduction will be ruled by logic, where as our very being, our physical and mental prowess would be assessed if we have the right to create an offspring or not. To create a better, more perfect, next generation of humanity.

There would be no need to procreate, a kiss and a hug and XOXO would not exist because these were derived only from our emotions and there is no logic in doing these things.

Without emotions, we will not have concept of family, friendship, or love, and I think we would also not have meaning to exist. Without emotions why would we want to study? Why would we want to earn money? Why would we want to explore the world and understand our lives and the universe? Why? Without emotions these pursuits will also not exist.

We would have no reason to be, but to perhaps just create an offspring for the expansion of our species, just like animals, but that in itself, the expansion of our species, will not have meaning without emotions.

Emotions... are the hardest thing to deal with, not humans, if we control our emotions, especially the passions that spring from it, we die a little more inside as people. Emotions are what makes us human.

Expressing our emotions without fear of getting hurt or embarrassment is the ultimate and greatest sense of freedom we can ever feel in our lives and the opportunity to do so comes by so rarely, even never for some people.

Our humanity's intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom, has always been dictated and expanded by the passions from our emotions. Our world have always been shaped by it. What are we without it? And... What are you if you kill your emotions?