Sunday, November 10, 2013

About This Blog

Why Blog?

I first got the idea of starting a blog when I was posting my pictures from Copenhagen back in June. You see, I really loved Copenhagen and when I was creating an album in Facebook about it I found that I had so many things to say about my experience there, and I did say many things. One of my friends even told me that she was too lazy to read all that I had to say about the layover. I remember my Mom also had a somewhat similar comment, she said I should just add a description to each picture so she'll know what it is. But that is too time consuming and I think it makes the album disorganised! Haha

This blog is an attempt to (easily and properly) share my experiences in each place I go to, to many people, especially my friends and the people I love. Sometimes, in different cities, I think to myself "oooh *toot* would love to see this" or sometimes I would think "this is *toot*'s favourite food!" or most of the time I think "I wish *toot* was here"

I constantly think of people in my life and how nice it would be if they were with me in a certain city I am in, eating with me, walking with me, laughing with me, taking pictures with me. But alas that isn't so.

I hope in making this blog, I will better be able to convey my experiences from now and until "the journey" ends.

About The Title:

I will share my experiences and thoughts to you Through Words and Photos. As simple as that.

Happy reading!

***DISCLAIMER: This blog will contain photos of places and people I am with in a particular city I am in. This blog will also sometimes contain random rants and thoughts that pop out of my head, sometimes whole posts will contain only random rants and thoughts as this is my personal blog. I will NEVER post and this blog will NEVER contain any religious, political, racial, sexual, and prejudicial biases, opinion, thought, or information. Lastly, I will NEVER post the full size and quality of any of my photos in this blog.